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Sodick Passes Through the Generations

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH was founded in 2004 by Jürgen Müller. The company started with a single-wire EDM machine and continually expanded its plant list to stay at the cutting edge of technology. As the company now approaches its 20th anniversary, it is owned by Jürgen’s son Boris, but one thing that has remained is its commitment to investing in Sodick machine tools.

Conveniently located between Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, the subcontract manufacturer has a plant list that includes a Sodick AG 600L, an AG 600L with Hirschmann integrated rotary unit, a Sodick ALC-600G Premium+, an ALC-800G Premium, AQ 325L, two AQ537L machines and a Sodick K1C as well as a host of additional technology.

Boris Müller, the second-generation owner at Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH says: “We specialise in wire erosion, die sinking and in particular erosive grinding - operating in spheres that nobody else dares to go. We can grind diameters in the two-hundredths range, and this is only possible thanks to Sodick’s thin wire option. We can erosively grind a five hundredth wire diameter with 4,000rpm on the additional axis - nobody else manages to do that.”

Boris continues: “The special thing about Sodick machines is the high ceramic content. Everything in the machines that contributes to their exceptional precision is made of ceramic and ceramic elements. As a result, the thermal expansion coefficient is very low and the ability to influence the temperature of the machine is also very low, even when temperatures fluctuate in the factory. This is how we can maintain incredible precision levels where other competitors definitely struggle. We also have an air-conditioned facility that helps us to work more precisely.”

Reaffirming this sentiment, Boris continues: “We are often in contact with the Sodick service department, as we have very demanding jobs and a large number of Sodick machines. This combination means that we have several tasks that we cannot always solve quite easily – but Sodick is always there to support us

Confirming his appreciation of Sodick machine tools, Boris says: “One thing that impresses me about Sodick is the technology and the service. There is always someone available to rectify any issues and many problems are often solved over the phone. This means there is often no need to send out a technician at all. Secondly, I am also impressed with the quality of the machines. Every time I enter values into the machine, it does exactly what it is supposed to do and we work to very tightly controlled tolerances on complex workpieces.”

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH Masters Erosive Grinding & Micro Injection Moulding using Sodick

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